Chuck Blackstock(non-registered)
Hi Fran, We met up at Madera canyon AZ last Fri on 12 11 15. Your work is fantastic. I sent you an email with a few of the images i captured with the Nikon P900 I was using. Probably not in your league but some were pretty good. Thanks for your courtesy visiting with me, I really enjoyed the time. Here are a couple of utube videos I made.

Humming bird banding

Bosque del Apache fly offs
Justin Kase(non-registered)
Hi Fran-we met last week in Chincoteague. Love your images and website. Would like to spend some field time with you-think I can learn a lot. Thanks and Merry Christmas.
Roy Frock(non-registered)
Hi Fran:
Liked the Sora Rail. Tough to get a shot of them!
Tony Carapella(non-registered)
It was nice meeting you at Magee marsh, your images are beautiful. Hope to see you next year
Luci Dowell(non-registered)
Hi Fran & Harris
Thank for sharing the "celebration of life" it is beautiful, you guys do great photography
Beth Rich(non-registered)
Fran, you are extremely talented! Your photos are breathtaking. Thanks for sharing them.
Barb Wooler(non-registered)
Hi Fran & Harris. Thanks for sharing the amazing photos! We met in September when I was in Cape May. Harris generously gave me a book about birding in Cape May. You guys are the best! ><>
Love all the beautiful pictures. You are really having an amazing time and taking beautiful pictures of these wonderful birds. Thank you so much for sharing your love of nature with all of us.
Patricia Voelker(non-registered)
I look forward to birding Saluda Shoals Park with you. Have you photographed the Barred Owl(s) yet?
Joanne Devenny(non-registered)
Wow Fran! All I can say is WOW! You've really got a eye for a good photograph!
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